Monday, March 22, 2010

America awakened with less fear today . . .

      This morning America awoke with less fear, less stress and brighter prospects for a secure future than ever before. The long battle to provide acessibilty to health care has been won for average Americans. Now when one is faced with the loss of a job, it will simply be the job on the line, not an entire family's health care, home and sense of security, as well.

       The fear of losing ones health care has been a straightjacket that has imprisoned American workers and their families for decades. It was a fear that paralyzed millions and kept them mired in jobs that were often stuck in a stagnant inertia, stuck in a place where advancement was just not going to happen for the worker. Now, with the terror of being uninsured removed, American workers will have far more career flexibility. They will be free to explore other employment options without fear of losing everything they have worked for all their lives.

      Companies will be able to move forward without being held hostage by their company's insurance carrier, because companies will have more options for insuring their workers effectively. Entepreneurs will be able to strike out on their own, secure in the knowledge that affordable health car is something they too will have access to. Americans will be free to seek employment from smaller, local firms that do not offer health care, because the employees will be able to purchase insurance for themselves at an affordable rate. Unions will be better able to negotiate contracts for their members with health care being more flexible and accessible for all. All of these things are good for American business and American workers alike.

      Parent's awoke this morning with far less fear about the future of their children, especially their children who suffer from chronic or life threateniong illnesses. Parents of college students will be able to keep kids on their insurance until the students graduate and enter the work force full time, or are financially stable enough to buy their own health insurance coverage. Teachers will have the security of knowing that students in their classroom will have access to needed health care.

      America awoke with a lot less fear this morning.