Saturday, March 20, 2010

One Day Till the Vote . . .

       Only one day till the U.S. House of Representatives votes on Health Care Reform. One day till we find out if there is commom decency and common sense are at work in Washington.  If the measure fails, the answer will be a resounding NO!  Many are more optomistic however about the outcome, and expect Health Care reform to pass.

       I believe that when the votea are cast tomorrow, a number of Republican Congressmen will stand with Democrats and approve Health Care Reforrm.  My guess would be somewhere between 5 and 10 votes from the Republican side, but the number could go even higher.  Everyone I have mentioned this possibility to says that I am an idiot, and that it is an absurd idea.  I am not so sure, because there are three other forces at work here besides political pressure from the GOP.  There is the pressure from spouses and family,  there is the common decency of doing what you know in your heart is right,  and there is the component of self-interest that may know voters really do want Health Care Reform.

        The fact that Republicans didn't stand up for Health Care Reform in past votes means nothing, because it may be that some Republican  Reps were simply avoiding months of GOP pressure and harassment that they knew would follow a Yes vote.  How they will vote tomorrow is the real deal..  It will not be a surprise to me if Republicans of conscience, decide to stand with Democrats and the American people and vote to pass Health Care Reform.

        Despite all the political analysis, polls and dis-information being so abundantly thrown around these days,  Voters will punish those who take a stand against Health Care Reform when the polls open next November.  I'm betting that at least some Republican Reps are savvy enough to see that simple reality.

        Come tomorrow, I will either look like a savvy political analyst, or an idiot, either way, I hope to be looking at Health Care Reform as the Law of the Land.